segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2011


Like I always say, I’m used to coming here when I’m the busiest.

I used to post whenever I was pissed off or when I was too happy not to share with everyone (or feel as if I were doing that), but now that we can microblog, real blogs have been quite out-of-date, at least for me, though I’m not into TT any longer.

Well, I’ve just dropped by cos I’ve asked my Gold 1 students to write a blog post and said they could come here for an example, so, here it is. We can talk about whatever we want, and people may comment if they feel like.

Today, I feel it’s just time to let people know that last holiday’s crisis has gone away, and I’m just getting ready for the next challenges in both personal and professional lives. I’ve been giving my best, feeling a little bit strange about this new routine, denying some facts, overcoming some difficulties, but living it all, and trying to be happy, that’s just for a change, of course. I think this year has lots to give to me and to everyone, for the weirdest it has started…

There’s no Holy Week’s trip, but the year is promising. And, may Susan be right, it’ll rock!

Best cheers,

Mr Wu.

PS: Traditionally, I post some picture or something different, now I post a clipping that really explains why men shouldn’t ever write advice columns…